St. Anne Wetlands


The Conservancy previously held a conservation easement on the approximately 100-acre wetlands/forest (vernal wetland) when the property was owned by the Sisters of St. Anne Convent in Melbourne, KY. This is the finest remaining 100-acre wetland area along the Ohio River.
In the fall of 2013, the Campbell County Conservation District acquired this property and additional parcels from the Convent through a grant from the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund. Revenue for the fund comes from the sale of nature license plates, the state portion of the un-mined minerals tax, and environmental fines. At that time the Conservation Easement was transferred to the State of Kentucky. However, the Conservancy will maintain an advisory role with the Conservation District for this property. - See more at:
For additional information, please visit the Kentucky Nature Preserves Page and the Campbell County Conservation District's St. Anne Woods & Wetlands page

Current Status:

Permission is required to enter the fenced north section. The 14.8-hectare area holds forest and meadow wetlands, in addition to an Ohio River floodplain forest typical of the region's stream bottomlands.
The unfenced, 21.7-hectare south section supports a forested wetland as well as a tree-planted meadow slope bordering Kentucky Route 8. A signed nature trail loop through the south section is accessed from a parking area along Anderson Lane. The trail is open to the public during daylight hours.
It is expected that trails on additional areas of the property will be opened for public use in the future.

Permissible Uses:


Map and Directions:


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