Parkside Conservation Area


Parkside Conservation Area Features sm
The Campbell Conservancy is the owner of a 9.6 acre parcel in the Parkside subdivision on the northwesterly side of Race Track Road in southern Campbell County. It is bounded on three sides by residential development and abuts a 1000-acre county park.

Parkside Preserve provides expanded aquatic and terrestrial habitat adjoining the 1000-acre county park and environmental education center. According to the environmental education center director, beaver, bobcat, turkey, wood duck, eagle, and other notable wildlife have been sighted at the park. Campbell Conservancy's goal for the Parkside Preserve is to enhance, to the extent practicable, the natural beauty and ecological value of the property for the continued benefit of wildlife and the enjoyment of the community.
Current Status:
The NKU Center For Applied Ecology completed stream and wetland restoration activities. In future and through other funding sources, Campbell Conservancy will seek to implement additional preserve enhancements such as invasive plant control in the forested sections (e.g.,removal of multiflora rose) and construction of a non-paved hiking trail.

Parkside - Before restoration: 2007
2007 before
Parkside - after restoration: 2011
2011 after

Permissible Uses:

Activities permitted are:

Construction and use of unpaved trails for foot travel, environmental research, education, and the construction and use for up to two bridges or other means for pedestrian crossing of the stream that runs through the conservation area.

What will not be permitted:
Paved roads, buildings or other structures of any kind either temporary or permanent.
No dumping, filling, excavating, removal of topsoil or other materials or changes to the topography of the land.
No native trees or native vegitation shall be removed, mowed, or sprayed with herbicides or pesticides in the conservation area except as allowed in the reserved rights of the easement.

Map and Directions:

From Cincinnati:

Drive sounth on Interstate 471. Continue south on Alexandria Pike (US27 S) towards Alexandria. Continue on US27 S for aproximately 10.5 miles. Turn left onto Parkside Drive. The address is 1161 Parkside Dr, Alexandria, KY 41001.

From Address:

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