Northern Kentucky Mitigation Bank


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The Northern Kentucky Mitigation Bank (NKMB) is the first mitigation bank approved in this region. This project was authorized by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Louisville District and other regulatory agencies in June 2009.
The Bank property consists of a unique site located off Wolf Road in a rural setting of Campbell County, Kentucky. The total acreage of the Property is approximately 152 acres. It is situated along the banks of the Licking River, near the town of Kenton, Kentucky. The property contains a diverse range of ecological habitats including prior-converted agricultural land, forested upland hillsides, and riparian bottomlands. Over several miles of jurisdictional streams and riparian habitat are present on the Property and flow into the Licking River.
The purpose of the NKMB is to generate mitigation credits for development projects that will have an
adverse impact on the aquatic environment and need to compensate for those impacts as a condition of their permits or other regulatory requirements resulting from project impacts. Impacts that could be compensated for by the NKMB include those to regulated waters such as wetlands, streams, and associated buffers.
The NKMB property is held under a conservation easement, ensuring that the land will be permanently protected and managed as an environmental conservation area. The Campbell Conservancy, Inc. is serving as the third party easement holder for this project.
See What Is Mitigation Banking.pdf.

Current Status:

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Wetland restoration activities have been completed at the NKMB within the prior-converted agricultural fields. In general, this was accomplished by making minor grade adjustments and by installing earthen berms (i.e., small dikes) across portions of the agricultural field to produce seasonal wetland hydrologic conditions within the prior-converted fields. Additionally, existing wetlands present on the Property have been preserved and enhanced as part of this conservation project. A total of 35 acres of wetlands have been restored on the Property.

In addition to wetland restoration, stream mitigation credits are available at the NKMB. The Property contains approximately 20,467 LF of regulated streams, including ephemeral, intermittent, and perennial systems. The existing riparian habitat and upland forests that exist adjacent to the on-site streams are being preserved and enhanced to produce an ecological "uplift" to the property. The property contains approximately 100 acres of mostly forested riparian habitat and high-quality upland forested slopes.
In the fall of 2012 a 2.5 mile loop hiking trail was completed as part of an Eagle Scout Project. Guided hikes can be arranged by contacting the Campbell Conservancy.

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